Landscape Art | by Marlene Dickerson

The South African landscape is made up of vast plateaus, rolling grasslands and the mountainous region called the great escarpment. The beautiful Drakensberg escarpment which stretches for more than 1000 kilometers is made up of jagged peaks that stretch majestically into the sky like fingers reaching towards the heavens and crystal clear rivers that flow through the valleys.

In the same way, the beauty, the power and majesty of the South African landscape reaches out to Artists and appeals to them to capture the emotion and wonder that is South Africa.

The names given to the Mountain range that is an integral part of the South African landscape in themselves paint a portrait in the mind of the listener:
– Afrikaans: Drakensberge (‘dragons mountain’),
– Zulu: uKhahlamba (‘barrier of spears’),
– Sotho: Maluti (from Maloti meaning ‘mountains’)


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