Triptych of a wave by Marlene Dickerson

Picture this a window in an Interview room. Not a great idea, so what do you do? Cover it? but what with?

If you have an artist for a mother, maybe 3 large stretched canvasses will do the trick, so this is exactly what was done and the interview room was immediately transformed. Nice but a bit bland.

Enter the artist mother… who unbeknownst to the daughter decided to paint the 3 Canvasses in-situ and Triptych was born. Here is a short overview of how this wonderful work of art was done.

No artist could ever bear to look at a blank canvas, and three canvasses next to each other, that was just too much.

I will start by saying that the artist created this masterpiece in less time than it took to write this post. Only 15 minute and the interview room was again transformed this time into something very special. So how do you create something so special so quickly?

Let’s start with the subject, what would make an ideal subject?┬áLiving near the Indian Ocean on the East coast of South Africa, seacapes and waves are a short-walk away and are engraved on the mind of an artist… what better subject?

After the stretched canvasses, close on hand was a can of black spray paint, so a uniform layer was applied. Then oil, cooking oil was readily available, so this would have to do and the oil was applied to the freshly painted canvasses. Then more spray paint to get the texture. Finally, white acrylic paint a brush and and artists eye and Triptych as created for all visitors to enjoy… and enjoy it they do.


Triptych of a Wave (Part 1)
Triptych of a Wave (Part 2)
Triptych of a Wave (Part 3)

Triptych Recipe: Three canvasses each 61cm x 92cm, 1 can of black spray paint, 2 tablespoons of cooking oil, 1 large tube of white acrylic paint, a paint-brush and one exceptional artist.

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