Sweet Innocence

Sweet Innocence Marlene Dickerson 1976

Second portrait by Marlene Dickerson. Mentor and teacher Phil Botha, affectionately nicknamed Marlene ‘Van Goghi’ after this portrait was painted.

  • Year: 1976
  • Category: Portrait
  • Size: 48cm x 64cm
  • Medium: Oil

Sweet Innocence refers to both the model and the ‘new’ artist.

Painted at Johannesburg Technicon evening classes. Marlene describes this (her second portrait) as ‘naive technique’ but also says that as her art technique improves she feels that her art is moving towards ‘naive technique’ again.

This is is a good example of the concept that you study and learn to become good at what you do and then you have to unlearn what you learned to become exceptional.Clinton


Posted on

21st November 2019

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