Africa Farmhouse Scene – Rural South Africa

Africa Farmhouse Scene A scene of a typical early farmhouse in Rural South Africa. This may invoke memories of times past for viewers who have experienced rural South Africa. Maybe of grandparents who enjoyed a happy life somewhere in a rural part of the country....

Kwa Mashu

KwaMashu KwaMashu township north o Durban Year: 2014 Category: Africa Size: 350cm x 120cm Medium: Oil   Original file:

Lazy Days

Lazy Days No need to talk – Quiet companion time, sitting in the sun, and just enjoying each others company. A study of companionship. Year: 2014 Category: General Size: 60cm x 45cm Medium: Oil Original file: sketch of lazy...

Rooftop scene

Rooftop scene A bird s eye view of life in an Urban settlement in South Africa Year: 2014 Category: Africa Size: 1200cm x 900cm Medium: Acrylic Original file: 100_3271.jpg

The Vision

Vision This painting just appeared unexpectantly upon my canvas and very little was added to the picture because it was a vision Year: 2009 Category: Surrealist Size: 62cm x 45cm Medium: Oil Original file: Vision art.jpg Information about this Art I needed to submit...

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