The Vision - An unintended vision emerges from this wonderful impressionistic artwork.


This painting just appeared unexpectantly upon my canvas and very little was added to the picture because it was a vision

  • Year: 2009
  • Category: Surrealist
  • Size: 62cm x 45cm
  • Medium: Oil

Original file: Vision art.jpg

Information about this Art

I needed to submit an artwork which was impressionistic I dropped colour and allowed it to run on a white canvas, turning the canvas upside down and side ways. Then using my fingers I scratched marks all over for to play with the colour. Then I saw what looked like a cross -I thought ok, let me see how this develops and put in little dark spots on the shapes and developed this further. Then (found on both sides large shapes that looked like turbans and a head. It was at this point that I saw “the face”. I was astounded and put my brush down! Marlene Dickerson


Posted on

12th May 2010

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