Snapshot of a Wave

What can be more regular than a wave, yet every wave is totally unique. Never was there a wave that was exactly the same as any other wave. Artist: Marlene Dickerson Year: 2002 Category: Seascape Size: 90cm x 55cm (3 boards) Medium:...

Triptych of waves breaking

A triptych of waves breaking against the rocks on an unsettled sea and sky. Artist: Marlene Dickerson Year: 2002 Category: Seascape Size: 150cm x 55cm (3 boards) Medium: Oil

The Beauty All Around Us

The Beauty All Around Us Seascape painting for Tracy Hartley in appreciation for her dedication to helping the abandoned and lost kittens in feral cat community in Durban. Year: 2021 Category: Seascape Size: 1500cm x 680cm Medium: Acrylic Artist: Marlene Dickerson...

Passionate Creation – Durban

Passionate Creation – Durban viewed from the sea A view of Durban (South Africa) from the ocean as the waves roll slowly toward the city in the reflected glow of a red sunset. Year: 2014 Category: Seascape Size: 60cm x 46cm Medium: Oil Original file: Durban from...

Umhlanga Rocks III

Umhlanga Rocks IIISeascape Work of Art by Marlene Dickerson completed in 2010Year: 2010Category: SeascapeSize: 900cm x 120cmMedium: Mixed mediaOriginal file: Umhlanga Rocks III.jpg

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