Lazy Bones

Lazy BonesLazy bones sitting in the sun, nothing to do all day longYear: 2014Category: GeneralSize: 350cm x 120cmMedium: OilOriginal file: sketch of lazy days.JPG

Dream Home

Dream Home General Work of Art by Marlene Dickerson completed in 2005 Year: 2005 Category: General Size: 60cm x 120cm Medium: Oil Original file: s birthday july 06 041.jpg

Exercise time

Exercise timeVervet in profile – Done for Andrew Rattray (Ratty)Year: 2004Category: GeneralSize: 30cm x 120cmMedium: OilOriginal file: 100_2637.jpg

Ready for the pan

Ready for the panTrout fish on paperYear: 2005Category: GeneralSize: 81cm x 120cmMedium: OilOriginal file: IMG_0611.jpg

Apples for Katie

Apples for KatieGeneral Work of Art by Marlene Dickerson completed in 2008Year: 2008Category: GeneralSize: 36cm x 120cmMedium: AcrylicOriginal file: 100_0952-1.JPG

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