Fishing Village with Gulls and Boats

A fishing village with gulls and boats. It is calm in the village but the sky is less settled. The boats are peaceful but the gulls are busy. Artist: Marlene Dickerson Year: 2018 Category: General Size: 120cm x 48cm Medium: Acrylic

Modern Study of a Nude

Modern Study of a Nude Emerging from the darkness Year: 2009 Category: Nude, Figure and Form Medium: Acrylic Size: 60 x 76 (cm) By: Marlene...

The simple life

The simple lifeModern Art – African sceneYear: 2010Category: AbstractSize: 43cm x 120cmMedium: OilOriginal file: DSCN1508.JPG

A Triptych of Power

A Triptych of PowerA triptych of a breaking waveYear: 2010Category: AbstractSize: 180cm x 120cmMedium: AcrylicOriginal file: WAVE POWER.JPG

Powerful Break1

Powerful Break11st of Triptych Powerful Break 1Year: 2010Category: AbstractSize: 600cm x 120cmMedium: AcrylicOriginal file: wave power 1.JPG

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