Big Five – Wildlife

Big Five [2004] by Marlene Dickerson

Big Five

The wildlife in South Africa is especially richly endowed with large and small mammals. Of the 4500 mammal species in the world today, 338 of these are found in South Africa thanks to the foresight of the many conservationists who devote and sacrifice their energies and time to the protection of these species. They also help to retain the natural environment of the African bush. This painting was done as a tribute to the women and who do so much for conservation in South Africa.

One senses the tension, and alertness of the predator through the rigid poise and pointed ears as the grass holds its breath on the scent of the prey.Marlene Dickerson

  • Year: 2004
  • Category: Wildlife
  • Size: 120cm x 90cm
  • Medium: Oil

Original file: big five incomplete.JPG


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15th March 2008

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