Roses in the Flesh

Vibrant and exciting, yet soft. This painting of Roses in their naked beauty is bold (almost aggressive) painting at it’s very best. Notice how the strong, bold strokes painted in oil, using a pallet knife, do not in any way¬† take away from the beauty and the...

Orange melt down

Orange melt downoranges melting in the sunYear: 2014Category: Still lifeSize: 350cm x 120cmMedium: OilOriginal file:

White roses

White rosespetals bursting openYear: 2014Category: Still lifeSize: 380cm x 120cmMedium: OilOriginal file: white roses.jpg

Juicy Pears

Juicy PearsStill life Work of Art by Marlene Dickerson completed in 2010Year: 2010Category: Still lifeSize: 0cm x 120cmMedium: OilOriginal file: Juicy Pears.jpg

Apples for Katie

Apples for Katie General Work of Art by Marlene Dickerson completed in 2008 Year: 2008 Category: General Size: 36cm x 120cm Medium: Acrylic Original file: 100_0952-1.JPG

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